NOTICE: Turnaround is currently averaging  6 - 7 business days on repairs once we receive your unit.


Read some of the great feedback we've gotten from our customers. Feel free to submit your own, we'd love to hear from you!

1996 Chevrolet Silverado C2500 HD

Cluster Fix was recommended by my local Shop, the Turnaround was quick, the company was responsive and my unit came back in beautiful renewed condition. I would recommend Cluster Fix for your repair..


1992 Ford F150 4.9L

The speedometer stopped working on my 1992 Ford F150 4.9L. The transmission began shifting roughly and erratically. Cluster Fix repaired the speedometer, replaced some gauges, and the transmission now shifts smoothly and flawlessly. I highly recommend Cluster Fix.

David Alan Weise

Great service and fast

My compliments for your service and speed. I have Infiniti QX56 and have tolerated a bad cluster for over a year. You tutorial on removing the cluster was complete and detailed. Repair was fast and I could not be happier with result.

Thank you!

John Thompson

Helped me with a issue from another vendor

I had another company fix my speedometer and it was not right. They helped me even though I didn't have anything to do with the repairs and solved the problem for me. A company like this to go that far to help is number one.


General help

I've been having trouble with my 2000 Volkswagen New Beetle and these guys were most helpful over the email back that I received with information regarding the problems there could be with my cluster. These guys have been really helpful in my decision on what I want to do with the car and how I want to continue, just really really thankful for their honest opinions and their time. These guys are great

David Wayne Carver

1998 Nissan Frontier

My cluster was not working. Sent it to Cluster Fix and 1 week later got it back. Everything fixed. Would definitely recommend them. Very satisfied.

Jeff Van Camp

1990 buick Riviera cluster repair

After checking local to have my 1990 Riviera Digital Cluster repair with no results. I found Cluster Fix online and they stated they could fix my problem with the error code I had. Sent me all the info I needed to ship the cluster to them. They repaired it and returned it in a short time. This was in June 2022 and the cluster is working great. Cluster Fix was the only one who said they could fix it. They also include a 12 month warranty. Without the display working it would not pass Missouri inspection for an auto license.
Would highly recommend Cluster Fix. Thanks Cluster Fix. R. Harrison

Richard Harrison - Missouri 

2008 Chrysler Sebring instrument cluster

The lighting on my instrument cluster went out at 108K miles. I found a used cluster with 108K miles and 90 day warranty for $250 but elected to have mine repaired so I didn't have to worry about the used on having the same problem. From what I read on the internet the lighting is a problem with these, The video of the removal was very helpful in showing the steps to remove the cluster. I paid an additional $18 to get a box from Cluster Fix to ship my cluster for repair. I was very pleased with the communication and speed of repair by Cluster Fix.

Larry Williamson - Illinois

2009 Range Rover Sport HSE

Very satisfied with the instrument cluster repairs, fixed my problems and fast shipping speed.

Cole Glenn - Texas

1996 F150 PSOM / intermittent shifting problem

1996 F150 had very intermittent hard shifting problem. got a psom board from Cluster Fix and problem gone. Very professional and fast service. Will definitely use this business again.

Paul Cameron - Oregon
Rods auto and marine electric

96 Ford F250 Powerstroke PSOM Repair

First, I'd like to thank Cluster Fix for the awesome job that was performed on my instrumental cluster. I normally don't write reviews for anything, but I felt like this one deserves feedback. My instrument cluster now being 25yrs old had seen better days and just recently quit on me while driving, caused a bunch of problems with my truck not running right and going into limp mode. After some troubleshooting I found it was the PSOM module in my cluster causing it all, ClusterFix is well known in the F-series trucks/Bronco forums, so this is how I found you and I have nothing but great things to say and recommend this company to anyone having cluster problems. The truck is running and shifting beautifully no more P0500 code, and I couldn't be happier, the service was outstanding and easy to follow directions on shipping, which they have the best packaging I've ever seen on my item when it returned. I feel like the price is reasonable, and worth every penny, especially since you can't buy these units anymore. Considering I'm all the way in the east coast, the time turn around wasn't awful and was back on the road more reliable than ever. Thank you again!

RAFAEL - Connecticut 

’92 F350 Cluster R&R

Thank you for an EXCELLENT video tutorial on removing my instrument cluster. It was almost EXACTLY how you described! The only difference were the type of screws holding down mine and that could have been due to someone else previously having R&R'd it before or just a difference in the fact that mine was built in Canada. In any case, your video did the trick for me.
Thank you!!

Outstanding Product!

I’m your biggest fan! I’ve chased recurrent shifting and overall drivability issues for 4yrs. I’ve tested/replaced every conceivable sensor/valve and completely replaced vacuum lines searching this rabbit hole. I spent countless hours watching videos and reading articles. I finally hit on Clusterfix and ordered a PSOM for my ‘93 Bronco. I called to order, so I could send my old unit back later, and it was refreshing to be asked symptom questions to make sure I was ordering something I really needed. I am floored at how much it did to improve the operations of my Bronco! The properly operating PSOM fixed issues I didn’t even know I had. I’m recommending Clusterfix to many, many others!

Jason Hartl - Oregon

2004 Silverado Cluster

Never got around to doing this and it's way overdue. These guy where great to deal with thru Emails with quick responses. The fixed my cluster back in March 2017 and has been flawless. Been dealing with my brothers 2008 Prius and am sending him all the info on their site.

Dean Walkenhorst - Missouri 

2005 Chevy Duramax Cluster Repair

This is to thank Cluster Fix for their great job on repairing my Cluster. I was having a hard time seeing the information center display, ( very dim ). I sent in my cluster. You guys checked it over and determined I really didn't need a full rebuild of my cluster. You replace all the back lighting bulbs and did a maintenance on my information center and the shift display circuits. Now I can see the information very well. This is my 2nd cluster Cluster Fix had done for me. Both have been top notch repairs. I always recommend them to who ever I can. Great company, very friendly and easy to deal with. They don't just rebuild your cluster even though it may not need it. They always call and let you know what is needed before they do the work. Saves you money.

Thanks again Cluster Fix, Randy Gregory

Randy L Gregory

96 Ford Bronco Cluster

Just got back my cluster for my 96 Bronco.....WOW amazing job....Just like new again....Fast service ... worth every cent of the cost.....Thank you...PERFECT......


2009 Range Rover Sport

Excellent, professional customer services. Lori was courteous and patiently answered all my answers. The IC is fixed and working like new.

Sanjay Patel - Texas

1998 Nissan Frontier

I'm the original owner of my 98 frontier. The fuel gauge started acting erratically then the odometer and temp gauge started to fail. I thankfully found Cluster fix on line. Thank you Lori for the help with my Paypal transaction! Much appreciated. I am not very good at that stuff.
The cluster works perfectly, original mileage retained. The turnaround was only 8 days from the day I sent it to the day I got it back! I'm impressed with the company and definitely recommend their service! Thanks Cluster Fix!!
Terry B

Terry B - WA

2003 Chevy instrument cluster rebuild

Dropped my cluster off and had it ready in two business days. Fast and friendly service and best part is my cluster works again like new. Highly recommend Cluster fix for your repair needs.

David Crockett - WA

Infiniti QX56

My instrument cluster on my Infinti QX56 was performing intermittently with an inoperative tachometer and various segments of the display flickering or blacking out altogether. I was skeptical of sending out my cluster for fear of not getting a proper repair, or worse, not getting my instrument cluster back at all.
After reviewing cluster repair services online, I found several that were less expensive than Cluster Fix, but appeared less creditable. I felt more comfortable in putting my faith in Cluster Fix when Shannon Johnston, the owner, appears in videos on his WEB site describing his services, how to remove the cluster and the proper shipping methods.

However, I was still concerned with my cluster going astray. Mr. Johnston assured me that they had never had one go missing in transit. To put my mind at ease, I paid USPS an extra $15 to insure the package for the full dealer retail replacement cost. I shipped my instrument cluster to Cluster Fix from Florida on a Monday morning. I received it back the following Monday. I re-installed the cluster. It was like brand new. I highly recommend Cluster Fix.

Deryck - Florida