ATTENTION: We are currently averaging a 3 to 4 business day turn-a-round on repairs after we receive your unit.   Please retain your own tracking number when shipping out to us to confirm your units arrival since we DO NOT send out notifications when it arrives here. We send out emails with tracking numbers once your unit has been completed and ships back to you.

The Cluster Fix Difference

At Cluster Fix we aim to provide our customers with a high quality repair, quick turn around time and courteous service that continues after the repairs have been made. This would include answering any technical questions or help with warranty issues that you may encounter along with way.

We know that there are other respectable repair facilities out there that provide some of the same services. We have found that some are good reliable repair centers that care about their customers and the quality of job that they are doing.
Then there are others that promise great warranties, very low prices and fast service and in many cases the unit is returned to the customer as non repairable when in fact they are repairable and part of our standard repair service. We have found in many cases that with these, essentially "you get what you pay for."
The mentality of low cost repair centers/services seems to be an assembly line approach to get as many jobs in as possible and then turn them out as quickly and and cheaply as possible. This can result in a greater margin for error and substandard repairs without attention to cleanliness and service detail.

Customers repeatedly send us their units that have already been to another repair facility because the previous company can no longer be reached, won't back up their warranty or in some cases have had their part for weeks and even months. We also find in many cases the repairs that were attempted internally were very poorly performed showing poor workmanship and sub standard soldering skills which sometimes lead to more problems than the unit had in the first place.

Some of the repairs that we perform are on instrument clusters that have already been to another repair facility or even a factory re-builder and they eventually fail because only minimum repairs were done and other things were not done that come standard with our repair service.
In many cases when we perform a repair on your instrument cluster we do many additional preventive maintenance repairs to prevent other problems you can experience with your particular vehicle and not just what is wrong at the time.

As part of our service we clean your unit inside and out as well as lightly polish your instrument cluster lens as needed.
We also believe in paying attention to the details which includes doing clean, precise soldering and repairs on the inside of your unit so that you get the most professional service and reliability for your money. Automotive electronics are very intricate and sensitive in nature so they needed to be treated with care since the smallest microscopic flaw caused by mishandling can lead to trouble or premature failure of your unit.

In addition to high quality repairs, you can get technical advice on cluster related problems from an Advanced Master Certified Technician with over 25 years of experience in the automotive repair field. This is something most competitors cannot offer since they have little or no experience in automotive diagnostics and repair. For this reason many dealerships and repair shops choose Cluster Fix for their automotive electronics repair needs.