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Volvo Cluster (DIM) Rebuild Service



Product Description

Our Rebuild Service involves numerous repairs as well as preventative maintenance repairs to cover the symptoms described below when they have been diagnosed as DIM related.

1) Intermittent or inoperative clusters
2) Urgent Air Bag warning message on (codes OOD4 and/or OOD5 are set in memory)
3) Loss of gauge operation
4) Message center, odometer & clock displays that are not lit up
5) Inoperative instrument turn signal indicators
6) Scrambled messages or strange characters on displays
7) Warning lights coming on and flashing for no reason
8) Loss of remote door locks, rear wiper, power window operation
9) Clock wants to keep resetting or counts up rapidly on its own
10) Trip odometer resets on its own
11) Pixelation of message center
12) Complete replacement of message center lighting and cluster back lighting using correct lamp specifications
13) Complete cleaning and light polishing of lens as needed


NOTE: After our repair service is completed a professional style scan tool will be needed to turn off the urgent airbag message if the warning message was on previously and determined to be a cluster problem. (Most OTC Genisys style or Snap On scanners with the proper protocol should do the job) The procedure is to first clear out the "DIM" (Cluster) and THEN the airbag module.

Extended Warranty Coverage

The extended warranty option is in addition to the warranty already provided on our repairs.

Shipping Box (Pre-Paid Orders Only)

Need a box? We can ship you a box with packaging material that is the perfect size for shipping your cluster which helps reduce your shipping costs. Note: Box does not include pre-paid shipping label to us. When sending your cluster, you will still need to pay for shipping using the carrier of your choosing.