ATTENTION: We are currently averaging a 5 - 6 business day turn-a-round on repairs after we receive your unit.

1999 – 2003 Ford Windstar



Product Description

Repair service includes repairs for:

1) Erratic gauge / cluster operation
2) Problems that cause the tachometer to flip around and got stuck in gear shift indicator.
3) Replacement of burnt warning lamps and back lighting
4) Cleaning of cluster and polishing of lens

* Broken tach needles can be replaced for an additional $35, others will be straightened out when bent and not broken.

* If you are experiencing an inoperative speedometer condition and the odometer reads all dashes, then a leaky shorted brake pressue switch may be the cause which can also cause the #10 fuse to blow.
Inoperative speedometers can also be the result of faulty wheel speed sensors (usually the front left) or defective ABS modules.
* If you are experiencing problems where your hazard lights are on all the time and won't shut off (particularly 2002 & 2003) then you may need to have your vehicle re-programmed at the dealership or at a repair shop that uses factory scan tools.

Extended Warranty Coverage

The extended warranty option is in addition to the warranty already provided on our repairs.

Shipping Box (Pre-Paid Orders Only)

Need a box? We can ship you a box with packaging material that is the perfect size for shipping your cluster which helps reduce your shipping costs. Note: Box does not include pre-paid shipping label to us. When sending your cluster, you will still need to pay for shipping using the carrier of your choosing.