ATTENTION: We are currently averaging a 3 to 4 business day turn-a-round on repairs after we receive your unit. Please retain your own tracking number when shipping out to us to confirm your units arrival since we DO NOT send out notifications when it arrives here. We send out emails with tracking numbers once your unit has been completed and ships back to you.

I’m your biggest fan! I’ve chased recurrent shifting and overall drivability issues for 4yrs. I’ve tested/replaced every conceivable sensor/valve and completely replaced vacuum lines searching this rabbit hole. I spent countless hours watching videos and reading articles. I finally hit on Clusterfix and ordered a PSOM for my ‘93 Bronco. I called to order, so I could send my old unit back later, and it was refreshing to be asked symptom questions to make sure I was ordering something I really needed. I am floored at how much it did to improve the operations of my Bronco! The properly operating PSOM fixed issues I didn’t even know I had. I’m recommending Clusterfix to many, many others!

Jason Hartl - Oregon