ATTENTION: We are currently averaging a 3 to 4 business day turn-a-round on repairs after we receive your unit.   Please retain your own tracking number when shipping out to us to confirm your units arrival since we DO NOT send out notifications when it arrives here. We send out emails with tracking numbers once your unit has been completed and ships back to you.

* Although it may be possible to drive your vehicle without an instrument cluster we would advise you to seek alternative transportation if possible to avoid the risks associated with not having access to your gauges or warning lamps.

* GM trucks and SUV'S can be driven without the instrument cluster in place, however you will be operating blind with regard to speed and warning lights. Once your cluster has been reinstalled your Check Engine light may be illuminated, but should reset after a few trips. Alternatively this could be reset manually with a scan tool.

* Some GM vehicles have a security disable feature that will only allow it to be started once when it has been removed and then will fail to start again.

* On some Fords and Nissans the charging system will not function without the cluster installed.

* Some Volkswagen and Audi vehicles will not start with the cluster removed due to the immobilizer feature.

* On some vehicles, to prevent starting problems and to keep trouble codes from setting the ignition key should not be turned on for the duration of time that the cluster is unplugged.