About two years ago my instrument cluster problems started with the temperature gauge suddenly spiking for the first time. Then the speedometer began going haywire in the past few months. My truck is an automatic and in the past few months I noticed a hesitation or faltering at around 35 MPH or so. Decided I had to pull the cluster and get it addressed. Showed up at Cluster Fix on Wednesday afternoon with my instrument cluster, filled out the paperwork and asked how long he thought it would be before I had my truck back up and running. He indicated that Friday or possibly next Monday. I kind of groaned when I heard Monday and explained the truck was a daily driver, so I would be hard pressed to do without it until Monday. He said "No problem, I'll loan you one of mine". I was kind of shocked for a moment; but followed him into the garage and he sorted through a neatly arranged bunch of instrument clusters on a shelf unit until he finally handed me one. He said "Put this in and it will let your battery charge and let you drive your truck till this is fixed". I went home and had my truck running within 10 minutes. Got a call from them on Friday afternoon around 3:30 saying I could come pick up my instrument cluster. Drove to his shop and pulled his gauge cluster out of my dashboard and took it inside to him. Asked him what he found wrong with mine. He said a bunch of circuits had gone bad, some bulbs were burned out; but the programming in the unit had stayed in-tact and had not gotten corrupted. Went outside and installed mine before leaving the parking lot. Everything was working properly and what is more, I have not noticed the hesitation or faltering happening like it was. I am so pleased with the whole process and the results. My son will be taking his 2004 Chevy Silverado instrument cluster to him to be fixed and I will be bring him the one from my 2004 LaSabre too. Nothing more I can say but thanks for a great job well done!

Steve Norton - Washington