NOTICE: We will be limiting our repairs to certain models from Feb 8th - 12th.  To prevent a delay of your repair service, please contact us prior to sending your unit in to see if it is one we will be doing during this time period. 

$145.00 1993 to early 1999 Volkswagen Jetta, Golf, GTI and Cabrio

Repair service is for clusters that are experiencing:

1) Vibrating or inoperative speedometer and tach gauges.
2) Intermittent loss of all gauges
3) Intermittent or complete loss of cluster operation

*Does not cover GLX models with MFI feature.

Extended Warranty Coverage

The extended warranty option is in addition to the warranty already provided on our repairs.

Shipping Box

Need a box? We can ship you a box with packaging material that is the perfect size for shipping your cluster which helps reduce your shipping costs. Note: Box does not include pre-paid shipping, when sending your cluster you will still need to pay for shipping.

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