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Volkswagen Beetle Instrument Cluster Rebuild Service



Product Description

Our repair service will include repairs or preventative maintenance repairs for the following conditions as applicable to the model years the problems correspond to:

1) Sticking or inoperative individual gauges
2) Complete loss of all gauges
3) Loss of odometer display
4) Intermittent loss of fuel gauge which may also cause a battery drain when the problem occurs.
4) False illumination of gas cap light
6) Gauges that freeze up and no longer move

* For loss of speedometer only problem first suspect a faulty VSS (use factory part only), broken speedometer drive gear in transaxle or corroded/damaged wiring.

*If you are experiencing conditions other than what is mentioned above please contact us prior to sending your unit in for repairs.

WARNING: To prevent any immobilizer related no start issues, do not have your key on or try to start your car without the cluster plugged in.

NOTICE: If your gauges still appear to be working but you are experiencing a start and stall condition only, then we no longer offer a repair service for these immobilizer issues since the reprogramming software is no longer supporting the the older immo systems. Contact us about getting the immobilizer system deleted.
Contact us with any questions and other options prior to sending your cluster in for repairs for the Immo only issue.


Extended Warranty Coverage

The extended warranty option is in addition to the warranty already provided on our repairs.

Shipping Box (Pre-Paid Orders Only)

Need a box? We can ship you a box with packaging material that is the perfect size for shipping your cluster which helps reduce your shipping costs. Note: Box does not include pre-paid shipping label to us. When sending your cluster, you will still need to pay for shipping using the carrier of your choosing.